COGIC Elections 2007 and 2008!


What will come out of The COGIC Elections of 2007 and 2008? What surprises may come? Will we have a young General Board Member in 2008? If they make certain prominent young Pastors Bishops of Foreign Regions could they be elected to The General Board the first time around in 2008? We have a Presiding Bishop that is serving now that would have to win in both November 2007 and November 2008 to remain Presiding Bishop. Let’s pray because one could win this year and lose next year or vice versa. It’s praying time Saints!



  1. Unfortunately, our grand ol’ church is embroiled in partisan politricks when in fact we should be preparing to celebrate the centennial;instead, Bishops are licking their chops believing that they are the one who should be leading this grand ol church.

    How simple and retarded for us to have elections two years in a row. The Vice Pres. should be allowed to finish out the term. But no, we are an embarassment to Christendom and fighting over a job. How terrible. I say let the man serve a year and then everybody can run. We runnin for every thing, but who can live holy?

  2. cogicmemphis said

    I agree with you!

  3. cogic boy said

    Why is there discussion about an election being held in 2007? If one is to be held then all electable positions should be voted on.

  4. It is unfortunate that the Bishops who allegedly lead us are so enamored with power and getting an offering that they can’t even respect the man in office. This is a shame. The Church of God in Crisis. It should be a no brainer, finish out the term then elections. But with us, the most simple thing becomes a complicated proposition. Then we have nerve to say we are the envy of the world. I don;t think so. We are the butt of jokes in other circles. Trust me.

  5. COGIC Preacher said

    I agree with every comment! This is in fact a no brainer. The Constitution of the Church of God In Christ does not call for an election. Since Bishop Mason, every elected Presiding Bishop has a First Presiding Bishop who has stepped in the position after he passes on. We have men in the church who are clammering for position on earth rather than position themselves with God. There is not a problem with the Church of God in Christ just a problem with the people trying to lead it in an ungodly way. It is either God’s way or no way at all!

  6. evg georgia campbell said

    god blwss bishop blake we should pray and support him this cogic should pray

  7. evg georgia campbell said

    pray pray for our great cogic let us pray seek god face

  8. Evangelist Reese said

    It is really, really sad that we even have an election. What happened to let’s pray and hear from God??? Since we are going to be doing it man’s way, why not go along with the COGIC constitution…you know the one we dealt with at the April Call meeting and AIM. All of this is a mess. However, God rules and it is Bishop C Blake season to lead our church to another zone. He was taught well by his dad, brother, Bishop Patterson and EV Hill – The original Baptist. Grow up church, the world is watching.
    It looks like we have haters sent by the devil, trying to destroy the integrity of the “grand ole Church of God in Christ with election foolishness. HEY! you haters – rebel rousers, you are really painting a jacked up picture. Many of you are performing like “preacher thugs”. What happend to doing things God’s way, the kingdom way. I forgot…when you got a group of aint’s, being greedy and refusing to conduct their pulpit/business affairs like becoming siants, then one should not be surprised when they do what they do. What an example these “sanitified thugs” are leaving for our young people.
    Bishop Charels Edward Blake is just where he is supposed to be. God placed him here to do what needs to be done, He is a praying man, a man of good chracter, a family man. The man of one wife, with no scandals. Bishop Blake is not a god, However, he is a man and like anyone else he feels the darts….BUT GOD! will deliver him from all of this. And NO weapon formed against him Shall prosper and every lying tounge that rises itself agianst Bishop Blake he shall condem, because it is his rightly heritage.

    Church, you say you pray and fast, and that is what we are built on. So, if you have not increased you prayer time, please do it! “When the saints began to pray let the Lord have his way”

    Please y’all, I want to talk about this blog and tell them I said it! Deborah K Reese…you know that tall black woman!

  9. cogic optimus said

    The Church ( COGIC ) is at a crux in its existence. I believe God has providentially placed the right man in the right position at the right time to effect His ( God’s ) programme. Bishop Blake has proven his mettle as a great preacher,supurb administrator,generous philanthropist,keen intellectual,moral exemplar, and concerned shepherd. Charles Blake is one of the best leaders that COGIC has produced and at a time when the whole body of Christ is under scrutiny ( particularly the African-American preacher ), we are blessed to have such a leader on the General Board.
    Speaking of the General Board, its about time to see some younger, more dynamic leadership coming to the fore of the Church as well as some internal reforms to promote and accommodate the exponential growth of the Church. I heard one Catholic cardinal say that most men think and plan in terms of decades but men of the church must think and plan in terms of centuries. We must begin to consider our role in the body of Christ and in the world at large and must and,with prayer and consideration, put exemplary men with the interests of our Lord Jesus and His Church at heart, promoting the welfare of the saints and sound doctrine and practice,not personal agendas,at the helm of this Grand Old Church.

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