Pastor Ron Gibson!

Pastor Ron Gibson is becoming one of America’s most popular preachers! What do you think of his preaching? Enjoy his preaching On Demand and in the video clip below!

Pastor Ron Gibson On Demand


  1. arleene nunes-archibald said

    He is an awesome preacher.I hope as God promotes him he doesn’t start preaching all that junk we often hear.It seems to me that preachers start humble.balanced and anointed.They start out preaching the gospel and then after they attain fame they start preaching junk,junk, junk!!!!positive thinkingonly,positive self image,material possession magnified as the primary purpose of Christ coming.Look around,divorces rampant in the pulpit.questionable characters calling themselves prophets and prophetesses preaching damnable heresies.Most of them was like Ron Gibson a few years ago so I can hardly celebrate when I see a preacher being elevated.My thinking is how long will he/she remain of sound character and continue to live a holy life.You know in most circles holiness went out of style. It’s all about material possessions.Once you are rich heaven is yours.What a deception!!I hope and pray that Ron Gibson will not feel the need to fit in so badly that he’ll become a life-coach rather than a preacher or become a motivational speaker at the expense of sound doctrine.That aside I think he is indeed one of america’s best.

  2. cogicmemphis said

    Pastor Gibson will stay true!

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