Evangelist Ruby Holland Hutchins!

Enjoy Evangelist Ruby Holland Hutchins!


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  1. T.George said

    Dear Pastor,
    Greetings in Jesus’ name. My name is T.George.I am doing ministry from 1981. I am married in 1986. My wife name is Mrs.Suhirtha George.We have three children. Their name are Gabriel, Godson and Sweety. We are living in a city named Madurai.It is a very strong city in idol worship. I was born and brought up in a village called Melur.It is 30 kilometers away from Madurai . When I was studying in the Bible college, God gave me burden on Madurai.We started our ministry in Madurai in 1985. We were preaching, distributing tracts, personally evangelizing, conducting small open air meetings for many years.Through which many hundreds of people accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. God did many miracle and wonders.Lot of sick people were healed and the demons were driven out in the name of Jesus. God’s name was glorified and we are glorifying God continueously.
    During the time of ministry in the villages, we were able to meet many orphan children in the streets without food, dress and care. So we started an orphanage in 1992.At present 38 children are in our home.We are feeding them and help them to get education.
    In India most of the people are living in the villages.But most of the ministries are in the towns.So we got the burden for villages.We have started ministries in four villages. We have appointed four pastors families in those villages and supporting them.
    Every Sunday we are feeding some old,sick people and widows.We give them some finance support for their livelihood. By God’s grace these ministries are going on for the glory of God. But we don’t have enough financial support to continue these ministries. So, we suffer and unable to go forward to fulfill these ministries.
    So I humbly request you to pray for us and if possible come forward to support our ministries.At any time you are welcome to visit our ministries. To conduct crusades, gospel meetings, pastors seminar, youth meetings we invite you in the name of Jesus.We will be expecting your favourable reply to this e mail.Thanking you.

    Yours brother in Christ,

    Eternal life ministries,
    5/1259 Yagappa Nagar,
    Madurai- 625020
    Tamilnadu, South India .
    Ph: 91-452-4250550
    Mobile : 91-9994227521

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