Enjoy The Ministry of Pastor Kimberly Ray!

Enjoy The Ministry of Pastor Kimberly Ray! She believes in an old institution of the church called Prayer! She is not COGIC, but she is received well in COGIC Circles. She also subscribes to the tenets of Holiness!



  1. Evangelist Sheilah Vickers said

    If you are in the NY area, PASTOR KIMBERLY RAY WILL BE PREACHING in Brooklyn, NY for Supervisor Marion Vickers’ Birthday on June 22, 2008 at 7pm at Mt. Sinai Cathedral COGIC, 1916 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY. For more information, contact Evangelist Sheilah Vickers at 516-481-9424.

    (Pastor Kimberly Ray was raised in the Church of God in Christ in Chicago. She and her family were members of Monument of Faith COGIC, Apostle Richard Henton.)

  2. cogicmemphis said

    Apostle Henton’s church is not a COGIC Church.

  3. Evangelist Sheilah Vickers said

    Your statement stands correction, Sir. When Pastor Ray and her family were members of Monument of Faith it WAS a COGIC Church.

    In fact, if you research COGIC history, Apsotle (then Pastor) Richard Henton was President of the Youth Congress in the COGIC…now, you will have to go back BEFORE AIM Conventions, BEFORE UNAC Conventions. Just because it did not occur post 80’s doesn’t mean it was not so at one time. Henton was COGIC under Bishop C.H. Mason when he was called to the ministry in 1948 and Monument of Faith was a COGIC Church when the church was founded in 1964 and remained so for a while before they became an independent Body. His brother, the late Prophet Donald Henton, who assisted in pastoring Monument of Faith was at one time a National Evangelist in COGIC.

    It’s imperative to know COGIC history. 🙂

    So, her roots are in COGIC. They speak fondly of growing up in COGIC.

  4. cogicmemphis said

    Once Again Apostle Henton’s church is not a COGIC Church which needs no correction. Both he and Kimberly Ray are received well in COGIC Circles because they subscribe to the tenets of Holiness, but once again he doesn’t pastor a COGIC Church! 1964 was only what 44 years ago, was Kimberly Ray even born then? What was the significance of this long comment?

  5. Evangelist Sheilah Vickers said

    Pastor Smith,

    I come in no form of disrespect to you by stating facts. You are absolutely correct. Monument of Faith is not a COGIC church. I never stated that Monument of Faith IS a COGIC church; I stated that they WERE.

    Please note the tense words that I use: Pastor Richard Henton WAS President of the Youth Congress of the Church of God in Christ which WAS a National Office before they formed UNAC and AIM. I stated that Pastor Kim Ray WAS COGIC at the time when she was a member at Monument of Faith when it WAS a COGIC church. (Yes, she was born back then…lol)

    Please feel free to verify this information with COGIC, Monument of Faith or Church on the Rock. The significance of my reply was not in any way disputing you…I was adding information to bring more light on her acceptance in COGIC arenas. That is all.

    PLEASE also forgive me if this information brings you any offense.

  6. cogicmemphis said

    Preacher it is thrown into the sea of forgetfulness!

  7. Rodney jones said

    do any one when pastor kimberly Ray will be back in New york email please

  8. dennis bratton said

    I felt like I wanted to tell someone my thoughts. Not one night goes by without a killing in Memphis. There are many blacks killing each other for no reason. There is so much crime in this city. I would like to see flyers attached to the telephone poles of Memphis of God’s law..the 10 commandments. People need to realize we are only put here temporary and life is too short and precious. So why the killings? I people would stop and realize this. maybe they would have second thoughts. By reading the flyer would remind them of this. I just hate to see all the killings every night I turn the news on..

  9. Elder L L Long said

    Please All understand. That Monument of Faith was Never COGIC. In fact it started as Monument of Faith Deliverance Center at 6848 South Racine. Apostle Richard Henton was possibly the President of the Youth Congress of the Church of God in Christ because they respected HIM. That Office Came Because Bishop E. E Cleveland was Over the Evangelistic Dept. in the COGIC Church and he made a Great Recomendation. That Recomendation was to Put Pastor/Evangelist R D Henton over the Departmnet because of the Effect his ministry had on youth nationwide. Apostle R D Henton was Like a son to Bishop E E Cleveland and a Brother to Bishop E C Reems-Dickerson , & Pastor E E Cleveland Jr. I thank God That I was Filled At Ephesians Before Bishop and E E Cleveland Jr Both Got Called Home.

  10. Elder L L Long said

    Speaking of Pastor Kimberly Ray. She is a Tremendous Gift to the Body. She was raised in the COGIC Church Prior to her mother Joining Monument

  11. Elder Dee Young said

    Wow, denominations are for the sake of mankind, whether she was PAW, COGIC, AME, or Roman Catholic it carries no weight with respect to her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. She is a prayer warrior full of the Holy Ghost and she holding fast to the way of righteousness. Just follow her as she follows Christ.

  12. lang said

    I love kimberly ray and pastor henton, who ordain pastor henton to be an apostle and why he left cogic… I notice that alot of triniterians pentecostal preachers are so against the oneness believers such as myself i grew up in cooljc presiding apostle mathew norwood, and chief apostle bishop william l bonner, we apostolics baptize in jesus name for pastor henton call himself a apostle I would think that he believes in the teaching of the apostles and the baptism in jesus christ but he’s triniterian Im goin to pray that you triniterians find the truth and that is one godhead and his name is jesus

  13. Muriel Manns said

    Do Kimberly Ray visit churches with small memberships? She is very familiar with Harris Temple COGIC. Her friend from her youth Elder Steven Manns will be the new Pastor. Elder Ezekiel Harris is stepping down but God is giving him the strength need to go on.

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