Enjoy the Ministry of Evangelist Fannie Hightower!

Enjoy the Ministry of Evangelist Fannie Hightower! Evangelist Fannie Hightower preaches Let It Go to the Saints at Kelly Temple Church of God in Christ! Evangelist Fannie Hightower is an awesome Evangelist out of Memphis,Tennessee! The Church of God in Christ, Inc. has so many talented, and anointed female evangelists in its ranks!

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Preach Preacher!


  1. gailpy said

    I have heard Evangelist Hightower on serveral occasions and she an awesome preacher. The saints just flock to her in droves when she ministers. She has a ministry for the young and old. She ministers to the needs of the people soul to soul. Her love for God’s people can be seen in her sweet,sweet spirit. She is such an awesome, awesome woman of God. Everyone needs to hear her minister. She has a book out that has ministered and healed people even through reading it. I just love her!!

  2. c curry said

    I met Evangelist Hightower several years ago and she is truly a blessing to me and my family. Her method of ministry is simply awesome, she draw you into the message with such wonderful illustrations. I know without a doubt that God is using this vessel to redeem the time that is at hand. If your ministry is in need of an awesome revival she is the perfect God sent vessel to pull the people out of depression, frustation and drama. God healed her body years ago and therfore, she is a perfect example of what God will do in the area of healing as well. I thank you Woman of God for being who you are and being such a Godly example. My prayer is that God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

  3. Dr. Lavencia DeBerry said

    What an awsome woman of God she is!!! She has a way of bringing the word like no one I have heard. It is powerful!!! She is truly an inspiration to all that hear her. When she preaches the Holy Ghost literally comes through the church like a whirl wind and tears up the place by the power of God. As a result lives are changed and REAL revival occurs. If you have not witnessed the ministry of Prophetess Fannie Hightower you must do so. Be prepared for the FIRE!!!!!

  4. Wilma Tyler said

    Evangelist Hightower, I met you some 16 years ago. We worked together at Medshares and became very good friends You had a sweet spirit then and I see from your videos that your spirit has not changed. I not sure if you remember but you helped me during a very rough time in my life back then. I hope you get this message and contact me by the above email. You are awesome!!!!!!!. I am so proud of you and what you are doing.

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