Pastor John Wynn!

Pastor John Wynn preaches with power in these clips!


  1. Praise The Lord, my friend! Holy-Spirit-filled, WORD for the hour.
    Pastor John Wynn, all things Happened when you “Touched, Jesus”.
    Thankyou, sharing JESUS over “Holy” airwaves !
    Keep on Blessing…and so *BE BLESS.,pg.
    Me? touching the Hem of His garment.
    Happy 2009 !

  2. Holy Ghost, “preaching”, what is really needed; in such times as now is!
    Pastor Seon Thompson, “Shakes it off” ! I listen to one hidden revelation come forth…when, APOSTLE PAUL ‘hand had been fasten upon…by The snake
    That HE never prayed___simply PAUL shook off The beast {scripture,says}!
    So many of so-said, or, would be, Christians of the day; waste others time plus their own…then weary GOD with their words…telling GOD about who or where or what Satan, is, etc. But, wont Shake`em !
    To hear how a miracle Happens, not by Talking the Faith
    But by Walking the Faith. pg.

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