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COGIC Memphis.Com-The Church of God in Christ Blog Celebrates 100,000+ Visits!

COGIC Memphis.Com, which is The Church of God in Christ Blog Celebrates 100,000+ Visits! It’s great that The Church of God in Christ, Inc. has embraced The Internet, and Web 2.0 to show the entire world what a fabulous church that we have!

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COGIC Elections 2007 and 2008!


What will come out of The COGIC Elections of 2007 and 2008? What surprises may come? Will we have a young General Board Member in 2008? If they make certain prominent young Pastors Bishops of Foreign Regions could they be elected to The General Board the first time around in 2008? We have a Presiding Bishop that is serving now that would have to win in both November 2007 and November 2008 to remain Presiding Bishop. Let’s pray because one could win this year and lose next year or vice versa. It’s praying time Saints!

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