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Pastor David Hall!

Enjoy the preaching of Pastor David Hall who pastors Temple Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee. Enjoy the preaching of the pastor of the mother church of the brotherhood!

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Memphis COGIC Minister Shines at Mercedes Benz Dealership!


Minister Desmond Hunt is an Armor Bearer for Superintendent Jerry Taylor who pastors the Holy City Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee. Minister Hunt is a top salesman for Mercedes Benz of Memphis. It is totally amazing that members of The Grand Ole Church of God in Christ now span nearly every occupational field that there is. Minister Hunt deals with the upper echelon of society on a daily basis, yet he has maintained the attitude of a humble servant. God has richly rewarded the service of this young man, and we feel that this young man’s intelligence, wit, and humble attitude will take him far not only in the business world, but also in our church!

Mercedes Benz of Memphis

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Enjoy the Ministry of Evangelist Fannie Hightower!

Enjoy the Ministry of Evangelist Fannie Hightower! Evangelist Fannie Hightower preaches Let It Go to the Saints at Kelly Temple Church of God in Christ! Evangelist Fannie Hightower is an awesome Evangelist out of Memphis,Tennessee! The Church of God in Christ, Inc. has so many talented, and anointed female evangelists in its ranks!

View Evangelist Hightower’s Website by Clicking Here

Preach Preacher!

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COGIC Memphis Celebrates Its 500th Post With This Convocation Update!

COGIC Memphis.Com Celebrates Its 500th Post With This Convocation Update!

The Saints Are Coming! It’s Almost Convocation Time!

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How to Have Peace in Stormy Times!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith preaches How to Have Peace in Stormy Times!

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The Dawn of a New Day!

The late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson preaches The Dawn of a New Day!

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Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee has a great group of young people! The Youth Choir of Temple of Deliverance sings Suddenly in this clip!

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