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Don’t Let the Mountain Move Your Faith!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith encourages the Saints of God to keep Mountain-Moving Faith in a world full of Faith-Moving Mountains!

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Your Day Will Come!

Your Day Will Come! Pastor Stephen F. Smith delivers an inspiring word to the Saints of God in this clip!


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God I’ll Go If You Make It Easy!

God I’ll Go If You Make It Easy! Pastor Stephen F. Smith gives a word to motivate the Saints of God to action! Correction: The Scripture that contains the following-Seest thou a man dilligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men is Proverbs 22:29 and not Proverbs 25 verse 19! I wanted to correct that since that scripture is quoted wrong on this clip!

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My God is Still a Deliverer!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith is letting the Saints know that our God is still a deliverer!

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I See You in The Future Looking a Whole Lot Better than You Look Right Now!

I See You in The Future Looking a Whole Lot Better than You Look Right Now! Enjoy this motivating word from Pastor Stephen F. Smith of Sure House Church, Inc. !

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Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake is a preacher’s preacher! The Church of God in Christ, Inc. is blessed to have such a great leader!

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