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The Spirit of Regret!

The Spirit of Regret is tormenting so many individuals in this day. This tormenting spirit has plagued those outside of the church and inside of the church. So many of us grapple with the mistakes of our past. We have all discovered that despite our constant, “If I had it to do all over Again’s”, that regret doesn’t change our pasts. The past is literally a card that has been played, or a die that has been cast. We can’t go back and change our yesterdays because they have transpired into the annals of time. There is nothing that we can do about the mistakes of our past, except learn and grow from them!

Many of us had such grand aspirations and most of us had dreams of pinnacle to pinnacle experiences. One of the chief weapons of our enemy, who is an accuser of the brethren, is to replay the mistakes of one’s past and fill that individual with regret which inevitably causes one to feel sorry for himself. Self Pity often stagnates one’s progress and keeps that individual from doing their best to achieve that individual’s God-Given Destiny. How many of us have exclaimed any of the following, “If I Could Have”, “If I Would Have”, If I Would Have Just”, “Why Didn’t I See That”, “If I Could Just Turn Back the Hands of Time”, “What Was I Thinking”, “If I Had It All to Do Over Again”, and the classic “Lord Why Did You Let Me Do That”? Regret torments many across all socioeconomic lines and ethnicity. It would seem that regret also is not a respecter of persons! Every individual at one time or another experiences regret, yet I would submit that many individuals are stymied by regret.
Many individuals across the vast expanse of this earth have not lived up to their potential, nor the wonderful dreams of their youth. They feel like they have let not only themselves down, but they feel like they have let their families and their God down. One of the greatest things that I love about the God that I serve is that he is a Restorer! God can restore and renew any individual no matter how unfortunate or awful the mistakes that individual has made in the past. God is far more concerned with where that person is going than he is in where that person has been. Faith is in itself a belief, a hope that one’s situation or circumstance will get better, or one’s aspirations will come to pass. Let’s not abandon the promise of a positive future despite our less than stellar pasts. God can turn what the enemy has meant for our evil around for our good!

God can restore any individual from any setback. I submit to you that God has more in your future than you could ever have lost in your past. God is our Hope, and not things trinkets, people, or any of the multitudes of worries that we trifle with. God is the solution to our every problem, and he is the answer to all of our perplexing life questions. What regret could you possibly have that The God of The Bible could not heal? Is there anything too hard for our God? If one of Satan’s greatest weapons is regret, why would Blood washed Believers fall for this fiery dart time after time?

I believe that The Spirit of Regret comes chiefly from pride. It is the belief that one is the master of his or her own fate, and the captain of one’s own soul! I am by no means dispelling the need for personal accountability, yet I believe that so many of us want to clean up our messes of the past. Some of the messes of our past will not be cleaned up without divine intervention! What we may have taken 40 years trying to clean up, our God can clean up overnight! God can take the mistakes of our yesterdays and even our today’s and still process each of us into our bright tomorrows! God is bigger than any regret that you can have! God can forgive you of anything that you have done! God can help you reach any Honorable and any Godly Pinnacle that you may seek, despite your residing in the valleys of life!

Our God is The Blessed Hope that can overcome any regret! He is a Restorer! He is a Healer! He Does the Impossible For Us! He Helps us Overcome Any Failure! Why should we subject ourselves to regret when we serve The God of Time Itself, who can heal the pains of the past, regulate the circumstances of the present, and abundantly bless the futures of those who live uprightly! The Spirit of Regret loses the battle time after time to the God of John 10:10 who came to stop this thief that has robbed so many from having piece of mind. God has abundance and a bright tomorrow in store for those who adhere to his word!

Respectfully Submitted,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.

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